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What are mywedding web pages?
mywedding web pages are your personal space on the internet devoted to your wedding. Using a mywedding template and the step by step on-line forms, you’ll be able to share information about your wedding, plus photos, with friends and family. They are not only easy to create, but can make planning your wedding easier by helping to reduce the time and money you spend communicating with your guests.

How long will our mywedding web pages be on line?
Six or twelve months from the date you purchase them depending on the package you choose. Hosting extensions are available  in monthly increments.

What will be the address for our mywedding web pages?
Your web page address will be You can make it easier to remember by using your names as username, eg sarahandmike will have the web page address

Do we have to complete our mywedding web pages all at once?
No, you can add or change details at any time, 24 hours a day. Your mywedding web pages will be updated instantly.

How often can we make changes and add information to our mywedding web pages?
You can make as many changes as you like. You can even swap the design template you’re using at any time.

How long before our wedding day should we have our mywedding web pages up and running?
As soon as you like. Start with the information you have, and add other details as you get them. Because one of the first questions family and friends ask is when the big day is, a save the date notice is always a good place to start. It also gives out of town guests extra time to make travel and accommodation arrangements.

All the essential information is on our wedding invitations. Why do we need mywedding web pages as well?
Invitations let guests know when and where, and can introduce the theme of your wedding. With mywedding web pages, you can tell them so much more. They are a fun way to share your wedding story and other information with your friends and family, from your engagement right through to the honeymoon! You can provide details you’d rather not include with your invitations - dress code, facilities for children at the wedding, gift register, where gifts should be delivered etc, plus an on line RSVP and guestbook. You can give directions and maps for the wedding and reception, and offer suggestions for accommodation to out of town guests. All of which can save you time answering questions! People who can’t attend will also be able to get a glimpse of your big day. And your on line photo album will probably be one of the most visited pages.

How do my family and friends visit our mywedding web pages?
We will give you a link to your mywedding web pages to send your guests. It will also include the guest password if you’ve chosen one.

Can other people see our mywedding web pages?
Yes, unless you password protect them. Then only the people who have your chosen guest password can visit your mywedding web pages.

Can guests view our mywedding web pages with any browser?
Your mywedding web pages use web codes that are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some designs may show different results when viewed with other browsers.

Do we need any special computer skills to build our mywedding web pages?
No! Simply type in your information where indicated, and we’ll tell you how to add your photos and links.

How do we add a link to another website such as accommodation or our gift register?
Simply highlight the words you would like to use as a link, click the link icon add hyperlink and enter the website address in the input box. Make sure to enter the full website address including the http:// at the beginning of the address.

What kind of images can we add to our web pages?
You can upload your own photos, drawings and graphics. You must get permission to use images that belong to someone else.

How many photos can we have in each album?
You can spread the total number of photos for your package between the albums however you wish.

How do we prepare photos and images for our web pages?
You can use images from a digital camera, scanner or have your pictures put on CD when you get your film developed. Many internet cafes have scanning facilities. Please make sure images are saved in jpeg format, and keep each image file size under 100KB with a maximum width of 350 pixels. This will reduce the time your guests have to wait as they browse through each page.

Will there be any advertisements on our mywedding web pages?

Will mywedding pass our details, including e-mail address, onto any other person or company?

Is making payment on the mywedding website safe?
Yes. Payment is made using a secure PayPal service. You can pay by credit card or use your existing PayPal account.

Do we need an e-mail address to have mywedding web pages?
Yes, you'll need it for registration, and if you choose a package with a guestbook, RSVP or contact us option.

How will we know if a guest has sent us an on line RSVP?
We will send you an e-mail with all the RSVP details from your guest. Your guest will also receive an automatic confirmation that their RSVP has been sent to you.

What happens when someone writes a message in our guestbook?
Each message will be added to your mywedding web pages for you and other visitors to see.

Do we have to live in New Zealand to have our own mywedding web pages?
No, but payment is quoted in New Zealand dollars. You can order and access your mywedding web pages from anywhere in the world.

Where can we get help if we have questions about building our mywedding web pages?
You can contact us by e-mail. We will get back to you within 48 hours.
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